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The Puritans.


The Puritans are an International Internet Secret Society of self-proclaimed geniuses that has a powerful presence throughout social media, they're a complex group of people with diverse backgrounds and personalities who've claimed that their goal is to enlighten people with their commentaries on world affairs and news, they reject being labeled as trolls, according to them, many of their commentaries are true and they're always willing to crush their opponents debating them.

Most of them claim to be real Christians and have shown a great knowledge of Christian theology, some of their members claim to be Buddhists and others Atheists but they all claim to be protectors of free speech and real Christianity.  


The front row from left to right: Rev. Seeland, Preacher Gerald, George Hampton.

Second row from left to right: Richard Hurstoff, Yulenka O'Toole, Art Sloan.

Third row from left to right: Pastor Lucius, Repent Sinner, Pedro Weigmann.