Formally known as A hungry Filipino man and Mr Torgue. Pastor Josef Mengele is a confirmed puritan and a defender of Christianity. He is a pseudo christian and has announced that he is actually a Hindu. He is known for his loyalty and flawless methods of trolling.

History in preaching

Pastor Josef Mengele was first spotted trolling various feminist and sodomite sinners on google+ communities in October of 2013. About a month later he came across a disgusting beaner Columbian Mexican harlot known as Brandish U who was attempting to destroy his reputation as a pastor for Jesus Christ. After several shits n giggles, Pastor Josef Mengele doxxed her and claimed her as a sheathe for his holy troll cock to this day.

In July of 2015 he took part in a raid against a new target named Arnold Shannon Westeiger for a day with his reborn account. He returned a few months later in September under the identity of "Mr Torgue" on her account. One September night he was commanded by the lord almighty to make a cult dedicated to destroying Shannon. The next morning he gave rise to the SSHU or Shansquatch Hunters United. SSHU has been recognized as an official puritan group by multiple puritans.

Current status as a troll

As of April 2015, Pastor Josef Mengele has remained unstoppable in his trolling. He has destroyed one of the Shansquatch's attention magnets and forced Brandish U into submission through various methods like swatting and posting her SSN